Do You Have Consignment Items to Sell?

We accept the following items for consignment:

  • jazz shoes

  • tap shoes

  • ballet shoes

  • character shoes

  • black chuck style sneakers

  • bodysuits

To add your consignment items to our consignment sale:

  1. Place each item in a Ziploc bag

  2. Write on the bag in permanent marker: your name and contact info, the price you would like to sell your attire for, and the size of the item(s)

  3. Include a white envelope with all of the same information (above) in the Ziploc as well

  4. Seal the Ziploc, with shoes and envelope inside, and hand them into our front desk staff

We do not collect any commission from the sale of the items. We are happy to help everyone save some money!!!

Would you like to buy some consignment dance attire?

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Include all pertinent info such as size and color.