Preschool Dance Combination Programs

Our preschool programs are carefully constructed introductions to the basics of dance, co-ordination and rhythm through movement and play, geared towards 3-6 year olds. Classes are 45 minutes a week. Our regular season classes run from September to May. We also offer sessional classes to those dancers who are not ready to commit to a full season or who would just like to try dance.

Our regular season students (September-May) perform in "Ward's Winter Wonderland" in January at Horizon Stage and in "Show Stoppers" in June at the Citadel. Class costs can be found here, Students registered in regular season classes are required to wear specific class attire and purchase a costume for "Show Stoppers".  

Looking for info on classes for beginner dancers 6 years and older? Find it here


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Fall 2019/2020 Preschool & Beginner Schedule.

Classes offered to 3-4 year olds

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Classes offered to 4-5 year olds


Classes offered to 5-6 year olds